Saturday, June 26, 2010

Standard personal Services Pvt Ltd

This is the name of my domestic help provider (Agency).I had taken their services 8 months ago. They provided a maid charged 5000.00 Rs as registration fees. for providing services like a maid replacement etc.

My house maid has been showing lot of tantrums ever since she came onboard so I requested them for a replacement. I was told I will get it in a week, no response and in the meantime the house help I have keeps telling me that they will not provide any replacement as this is the way they operate,I did not believe and kept on calling them. Now the situation is when I call their no, no one is available to pick up my call. So I wrote a review on and With in 5 minutes I get a call from a man from Coimbatore and he tells me to change my comment.
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Next day he calls me and starts to blackmail saying I will publish your number to *****sites if you don't change your comments and write something positive. So here I am writing this blog to ensure that I do not sit quite for any of such acts ever from now on.

Ref: please click here to see the governing PDF Doc

I have also complaint in consumer forum.

Hoping to see some action!!!

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