Saturday, May 4, 2013


Wondering how to vote, and if you are eligible to do so?
Where to go to vote? What you need as documentation?

Here is a summary of what I have learned:

1) Find your name in the electoral roll:
You will need to find out if your name is registered in the electoral roll, to do so Click Here
Fill in your name, and other details you will get voter Details, Print it and carry that with you.
You will also get the name and address of your polling booth.
2) Carry an ID proof along with your Voter ID card if you have received it, else a copy of voter details and one of the below, while going to vote, here is a list of acceptable documents:

  1. Authenticated photo voter slip
  2. Passport
  3. Driving licence
  4. Income Tax identity (PAN) cards
  5. service identity cards issued by State government, Central government, public sector undertakings or public limited companies
  6. Passbooks issued by public sector banks, post office, kissan passbook
  7. Student identity cards issued by recognised educational institutions
  8. Property documents such as Khatas, registered deeds, etc,
  9. Ration card
  10. SC, ST, OBC certificates issued by competent authority
  11. Pension documents such as ex-servicemen’s pension book, ex-servicemen’s widow or dependent certificates
  12. Freedom fighter identity card
  13. Arms licence
  14. Certificate of physical handicap by the competent authority
  15. Ex-servicemen CSD Canteen Card
  16. Sandhya Suraksha Scheme card
  17. Job card issued under National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme
  18. Yashaswini Card
  19. Service identity cards issued by local bodies namely municipal corporation, city municipal council, town municipal, council, village panchayat, etc
  20. Senior citizen cards issued by government department
  21. Health insurance scheme smart card issued under Ministry of Labour’s scheme
  22. Smart cards issued by the Registrar General of India under the scheme of National Population Register
  23. Aadhaar Card issued by UIDAI.

Curious to know who are the candidates from your constituency.What are their promises and what they have done in the past?

 Here is a one stop information link for you.
Click to know all details about casting your vote tomorrow.

Life being a Bangelorean is not easy, who says voting is, but it is a right which drives change. If you do it right. Be a responsible citizen, know your candidates. Their background, assets and legal limitations/ legal history before you go to vote.

It's not enough to just be a silent citizen anymore we all agree that there should be change in the political and economical environment of our country.

Only way to make it happen is through proper candidate selection. I would go for somebody who knows what we need ? This is our opportunity to convey what we feel and how we felt about governance so far.

Being educated is a sharp sword let us use it judiciously with proper knowledge.

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